Welcome to Kappa Control

Kappa Control are involved in consultancy, design and manufacture of electronic control systems, circuit boards and sub assemblies. Our systems range from simple projects using off-the-shelf products, to complex designs that may involve research and development, printed circuit board design, software development, manufacture and testing.

In the twenty years of working in the electronics industry I have been involved in a diverse range of projects ranging from speed controls for small motors, to multi-terminal PC based crowd control systems and industrial PLC systems. In the last decade I have developed a range of products including automated feeding systems, water level alarms and pump control systems, access control systems, temperature monitoring devices, video microwave links and wireless control systems. The common factor in many of these systems is that the control is now software based and when used with microcontrollers this commonly referred to as embedded design, as the software is embedded in the microcontroller.

My clients range from one person businesses to government agencies and multi-million pound companies.

Many of the projects I have been involved with are microprocessor based. I have been working with PIC, Atmel and Intel based microcontrollers and derivatives for over twenty years and have numerous hardware ans software development systems.

I am always interested in discussing new projects, large or small. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Philip Matthew